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When It's A Jar



By: Tom Holt(Author)

Language: English

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Publisher: Orbit (17 Dec. 2013)

Format: pdf doc docx mobi djvu epub ibooks (*An electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or handheld device designed specifically for this purpose.)

The original title of the book: When It's A Jar

Maurice has just killed a dragon with a breadknife. And had his destiny foretold . . . and had his true love spirited away. That's precisely the sort of stuff that'd bring out the latent heroism in anyone. Unfortunately, Maurice is pretty sure he hasn't got any latent heroism.

Meanwhile, a man wakes up in a jar in a different kind of pickle (figuratively speaking).He can't get out, of course, but neither can he remember his name, or what gravity is, or what those things on the ends on his legs are called . . . and every time he starts working it all out, someone makes him forget again. Forget everything.

Only one thing might help him. The answer to the most baffling question of all.


"Uniquely twisted...cracking gags..." --- The Guardian (UK)"Frantically wacky and willfully confusing...gratifyingly clever and very amusing." --- Mail on Sunday""Blonde Bombshell" is a clever, funny, tirelessly inventive, apocalyptic leg-hump of a book." --- Christopher Moore, "New York Times "bestselling author"Wacky humor bubbles through the polished narrative... Holt doesn't skimp on the flashes of brilliance." ""SFX""" -- Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine vergriffene oder nicht verfügbare Ausgabe dieses Titels.

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  • By J James on 18 August 2017


  • By William Mc gill on 12 May 2017

    This book is the worst of Tom s books, could have been written in 90 pages. Wasted money here sorry

  • By Camembaert on 22 January 2014

    There is one problem with this Tom Holt novel. He forgot to make it exciting or interesting in any way. Essentially we have five or six characters chasing each other round different universes for no clear purpose. Because there is always an escape route (anything with a hole in the middle) there is no peril. The only surprise is that the characters are so inept at making devices with holes in. I can do it with my finger and thumb but that didn't seem to occur to any of them. None of them even though to carry a tube of polo mints around with them, though there were a clear references to the utility of the sweet.Following on from the previous book, Doughnut, we are back in multiverse territory again with a very unlikely and reluctant hero by the name of Maurice Katz. We are supposed, by the end, to believe that Maurice in one universe is a no hope slacker but in another he is a a multi-billionaire high achiever. Unfortunately its the same Maurice in both universes so its totally unbelievable, even with the suspension of disbelief. We are also supposed to believe that the love of his life, Stephanie (aka Steve) is attracted to this putz while also being a highly efficient warrior. We are never offered any evidence of the latter as Stephanie is either absent or appears in a different disguise.The baddy is a guy named George, but he is so badly drawn he is as shallow as the rest of the characters. He is also absent from much of the book and Maurice just isn't interesting enough to carry the story line by himself.Maurice's motivation to be a hero is to rescue the love of his life, who accidently got used as payment for the removal of a dead dragon. OK, I'll buy that, but to rescue Steve Maurice must first rescue both Max and Theo Bernstein, characters from the equally dire 'Doughnut'. Theo is the guy who created the multiverse by blowing up the Very Very Large Hadron Collider and Max is his venal and feckless brother. This rescue takes up most of the book and just serves to show how inept Maurice is, making his multi-billionaire alternate persona look even more unbelievable.So bereft of ideas is this novel that Holt actually has to revisit an idea from a previous book (Valhalla) just to pad out the story for a few more pages. I did get one small chuckle. Half way through there is an reference to a goblin by the name of Mordak who runs a news empire. But that was about it for humour.I have been a lifelong fan of Tom Holt, but he's clearly run out of intersting or amusing ideas now so I won't be buying any more of his books.

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